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Register a Company Name

UK Limited Companies

To register a UK Limited Company name you need to form a UK Limited Company.

This automatically enters the company name on the Companies House register.

You can form a Limited Company the following ways:

  • Directly with Companies House

  • With a Company Formation Agent

  • With an Accountant

Registering a company name with Companies House

Companies House are the governing body in the UK for all Limited Companies.

Registering a Limited Company directly with Companies House can be completed either online or via paper forms. Online Limited Company incorporations cost £18 and take approximately 2 working days. Paper Limited Company incorporations cost £40 and take anywhere from 5-10 working days.

Company Formation Agents and Accountants

  • Company Formation Agents and Accountants form Limited Companies on behalf of their customers through Companies House for a fee.

  • Company Formation Agents usually have their own software that submits incorporations online, directly to Companies House. They are competitively priced and can offer various related services, such as share certificates and company registers, that Companies House do not offer. Because the filing is completed online a Company Formation Agent can have a company formed within 3 working hours.

  • Accountants will either have their own software for filing with Companies House (similar to the Company Formation Agents) or will file directly with Companies House. They may even use a Company Formation Agent. Cost and services differ depending on the accountant. The speed of company formation depends upon the filing method used.


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